Keep company is a circus and performing arts company

two people doing acrobatics

we have 3 shows


Watch your step! You never know who could be crawling underneath… A new creation exploring the renewal of life through the lens of decomposition.

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An imaginative and humorous performance that invites the audience through an off-beat choreography, to look more closely and with awe at their surrounding environment.

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Luca and Aby doing acrobatics
Giant talking to kids

Willy Axton

A short performance piece created for schools and multi-functional spaces about a Giant who loses his head. This mysterious character embarks to find his missing appendage and finds himself in some sticky situations during his search.

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With original and humorous productions,  Keep Company aims to reach a diverse audience with a message of environmental awareness through theatrical expression and the circus discipline of partner acrobatics.

Keep Company uses body lines and theatrical rhythms to create dialogues that are closely linked with the performance space, be it outdoor or indoor.

the team

woman looking into the camera

Abby Neuberger

Originally from the United States and an acrobat since the age of 5, Abby fell in love with circus and the performing arts when she moved to Europe in 2012.

Man looking into the camera

Luca Bernini

Initially a juggler, Luca continues circus today as a base in partner acrobatics. He is passionate about expressing himself through movement and the performing arts.

man smiling

Aloïs Riche

Alois began training as an acrobat in high school. In his role with Keep Company’s production of Compost, Alois has combined a more technical role with his acrobatic skills.


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